Are you planning a special event that could use a good speaker to educate and/or entertain an audience?

Ken Hoehn has spoken many times about several subjects.  He can build a presentation about his outdoor journey, about wild creatures, about photography, about environmental issues or about life in general.

If you are looking for a unique presentation, contact Ken for more information.  You will be delighted with the result!

Here are some unsolicited testimonials taken from the Calgary Camera Club Facebook page, the day after Ken’s presentation, and used with the Club’s permission.

It was an awesome presentation by Ken Hoehn . It was very compelling to see an artist who lives his passion.
— Stephen M, Calgary
David and I are still talking about the presentation. Best ever! Great story!!!
— Gabrielle L., Calgary
A terrific presentation by Ken Hoehn last night. Actually, it was closer to fantastic as Ken went through his ‘story’ and got everyone’s artistic juices flowing. Awesome!
— Ric M., Calgary
Ken’s story was so inspiring you felt like you followed all the tracks in the snow with him.
— Janet P., Calgary

The Saskatoon SPCA was honoured to have Ken Hoehn speak at our Annual Spring Gala.

Our guests were treated to an incredible, one-of-a-kind presentation and enjoyed an intimate look at Mr. Hoehn’s stunning collection of photos.

Ken’s passion for the ‘wonders of the world’ we share with nature is truly inspiring!  His photography is truly something special to behold, and we were thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to have Ken share beautiful moments of his journey as he embraces the magic nature has to offer!
— Tiffiny Koback – Shelter Director, Saskatoon SPCA